Case study – Gastro Foods ESO

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Case study - Gastro Foods (ESO) Feeling the pressure from the steady increase in utility costs, Gastro Foods realised that it needed to save on electricity, but did not know how to do it. Energy efficiency had also not yet been considered as part of facility maintenance or procurement. Electricity is the primary energy source at the plant, with an annual cost of R2,1 million. An

Case study – Rhodes Food Groot Drakenstein (ESO)

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Rhodes Food Groot Drakenstein (ESO) The company is a large user of electrical and steam energy. With the costs of fuel increasing significantly over the past 10 years, a concerted effort was necessary to reduce consumption and costs. The steam system on the plant had two generation locations with an 8 tonne/hr boiler and a 4 tonne/hr boiler, respectively. During the fruit processing season both boilers would

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