IEE Training

The development of relevant skills in industry is a core element of the IEE Project. Not only does the transfer of skills to industry ensure sustained energy savings, but the implementation of IEE Project interventions is predominantly carried out in the process of training IEE experts.

Training courses are developed by UNIDO and offered by the NCPC-SA at end-user and expert level, covering ESO in a range of energy intensive systems, EnMS aligned to ISO 50001, as well as focused courses in basic energy management and energy performance indicators.

  • Energy Management Systems training programme
    Presents a methodological, organised approach to managing energy usage, based on the SANS/ISO50001 standard. It is aimed at individuals who are responsible for developing and implementing energy management systems in companies.
  • Energy Systems Optimisation training programmes
    Include courses on a number of energy systems, including Compressed Air, Fans, Pumps, Steam and Motors. They combine theoretical and practical components as well as appropriate software toolkits.

Please visit  our training platform for more information and to view the training calendar or register.

The impact of Covid-19 on our training calendar has resulted in us offering selected End User training courses online.