Participation options

Companies and individuals can begin the IEE journey by signing up to participate in one or more of the following ways: (Click on each to read more)

A good first step is to assess your company’s energy use patterns through an energy audit, subsidised by the IEE Project. This can help plan a way forward and identify opportunities for improvements. Email or sign up here

Training is offered in Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth. End-user training is a 2-day classroom course that will provide technical professionals with the knowledge and tools necessary to initiate EnMS and ESO interventions and provides a holistic understanding of the benefits and processes of EnMS and ESO.

The expert training programme comprises theoretical and in-company practical modules spread over a number of months. Candidates will need to first complete the end-user level training in the relevant discipline. Most experts train for 9 to 12 months. Email or visit

Many of the companies that have saved energy and costs through the project have done so by making their sites available as candidate or host plants for the expert-level training programme. Implementation by the candidate forms part of the EnMS programme, with companies realising significant savings in the process. As a candidate plant, a company qualifies for a complimentary seat in the relevant expert-level training.

The IEE Project team of EnMS and ESO experts, will work with a willing company to implement an energy management system or systems optimisation; based solely on the understanding that the company will agree to sharing the results of the process – in order to demonstrate the benefits of EnMS and ESO to others. This support, including the use of specialist diagnostic equipment, is offered at no cost. Email or sign up here

It is the underlying aim of the IEE Project to see South African industry adopt the ISO 50001 series of standards, and the project team will gladly support companies in the journey to certification, through one of the models outlined above (demonstration and host/candidate plants). Email to ask for assistance.

Consulting engineers who progress through the IEE Project training and become ESO and ENMS experts have the opportunity to become a training facilitator, or a consulting expert to support industrial plants on behalf of the project. A number of existing consultancies have grown in reach and size through these opportunities, including the use of specialized diagnostic equipment housed at the NCPC-SA. (Minimum requirements apply to expert-level and facilitator training.)