Project Partners

The IEE Project, officially named the GEF South African IEE Project Phase II, is a national partnership that is also part of an international project implementation.

Project funders

GEFGlobal Environment Facility
The dtiDepartment of Trade and Industry South Africa

International implementer (SA and globally)

UNIDOUnited Nations Industrial Development Organization

UNIDO is the implementing agency of the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and therefore the GEF IEE Project Phase II. Its role within the project includes coordination, technical support and oversight executing functions. UNIDO also undertakes procurement of international and national expertise where required.

South African implementors

NCPC-SANational Cleaner Production Centre South Africa

DoE – Department of Energy South Africa

Through the GEF IEE Project Phase II, the Department of Energy aims to strengthen its capacity in energy planning with improved data collection and reporting, particularly in industrial energy consumption and the assessment of potential energy savings. This project will therefore assist the DoE in determining appropriate target setting and aligned policy measures to support the implementation of the 2015-2030 National Energy Efficiency Strategy.

SANEDISouth African National Energy Development Institute

As an agency under the directive of the DoE, the main function of SANEDI within the context of the GEF IEE Project Phase II is to direct and/or conduct applied energy research and development in support of energy planning and implementation of the National Energy Efficiency Strategy in South Africa.

CSIRCouncil for Scientific and Industrial Research

Project Partners